About Us

Baker Asset Management is a private-client wealth management company created to assist you in reaching your long-term financial goals. Established in 2005 as a spinoff from our parent company, The Baker Group, we are a fully independent firm with no proprietary products.

Baker Asset Management is a money manager and Registered Investment Advisor with approximately $180 million of institutional and private funds under management.

The firm’s mission is to provide its clients with returns on investment while limiting their exposure to risk and to the potential for permanent loss of capital. We align our interests with our clients’ interests, purchasing the same securities for them that we do for ourselves. “We eat our own cooking.”

Baker Asset Management intends to remain a privately owned company. We grow our client base and assets under management at a measured and controlled pace, adding only those who share our long-term investment philosophy. Our clients can be assured that we have no interest in ballooning assets for the sake of growth or a sale of the company.

Baker Asset Management’s disciplined wealth-management services are grounded in a working relationship with you and your other advisors (usually a CPA and an estate-planning attorney). The result of this relationship is a cohesive team that works collectively to provide you with a tax-efficient investment portfolio.

Historically, client turnover at Baker Asset Management has been very low. Some of our clients have been with the firm for over a decade. We believe our clients remain with us for the following reasons:

  • Direct Access to the Investment Manager
  • Individually Tailored Portfolios
  • Value-Driven, Risk-Averse Philosophy

Fees are based on a percentage of the market value of each client’s portfolio. We prefer new individual and institutional accounts to have assets of at least $500,000 and a minimum time horizon of five years.

If you meet these criteria and believe that you would be a suitable long-term investor, or if you would just like to explore our services, please arrange an introductory meeting by calling our offices at 405.415.7270.

Baker Asset Management and its personnel are affiliated with, members of, or registered by the following organizations:

  • Securities and Exchange Commission
  • CFA Institute