Positive Tomorrows

Positive Tomorrows is the only school in Oklahoma for homeless children. The organization helps children with transportation to school, meals, and basic needs, as well as their families with shelter, life skills, and clothing.

Positive Tomorrows hopes to break the cycle of poverty by reducing the barriers to education to more than 43,000 homeless children in the state.

Opportunities for volunteering are plentiful at Positive Tomorrows. Volunteers can be mentors, lunch room help, after-school volunteers, readers, or event helpers. Positive Tomorrows vets volunteer candidates to ensure safety and positivity, but encourages “there is a volunteer job for everyone.”

Volunteering at Positive Tomorrows can be a meaningful commitment. Mentors commit to an hour per week for a whole school year to help with academic and social development. This not only helps the child in school, but also provides some much-needed consistency in that child’s life.

Whether it’s time spent volunteering, organizing fund raisers, spreading the word, or giving a donation, Positive Tomorrows relies heavily on community involvement to make a difference in the lives of Oklahoma’s homeless elementary students.