Water4 is a public charity headquartered in Oklahoma City. Founded in 2008 by Richard and Terri Greenly, the charity’s mission is to provide access to clean water to at-risk, indigenous people in the developing world. Water4’s implementation approach creates well-water jobs, giving these communities the tools and skills they need to maintain their fresh water source for the future. Water4 relies on community involvement from individuals, companies, and churches looking to make a difference. The economic impact of $1 invested in African water projects sees an $8 dollar return in their local economy.

“Water4 exists to empower local communities to transform themselves and solve their own crisis. We do this by training and supporting local entrepreneurs to start their own businesses, drill their own water wells, and become local engines of sustainable change. We also train local residents in sanitation and hygiene practices so they can prevent the spread of disease and sustain the benefits of clean water forever.”

Todd and Dillon at Water4.

The problem these areas face isn’t due to a physical lack of water, rather that the people there do not have the means to access underground water. This water crisis claims 3.4 million lives per year. The impact of access to clean water spreads much further than reducing the risk of disease and dehydration. Water4 cites “443 million school days are lost to water-related illness.” With access to clean water, health will improve as will school attendance. This will lead to higher levels of education and eventually economic growth. Water4 is active in more than fifteen western African and sub-Sahara African countries and has helped over a quarter million people gain access to clean water.